It’s a great multimedia show directed by Emir Kusturica, one of the best international director and two-time winner of Palme d’Or. The story is about the Greeks in the Western world and tells the epic of Alexios, an oikistes – i.e. a city founder – and his journey to the West to found Magna Graecia, in those places where the arena hosts this story today. The hero will experience good and bad things but a woman’s face will push him to deal with the challenges and difficulties of his endeavour.

LA MAGNA GRECIA – IL MITO DELLE ORIGINI (Magna Graecia – The Myth of the Origins) is written and directed by Lorenzo Miglioli, with stage directions by Nicola Zorzi, together with Paolo Atzori as technology director and digital scenic designer, Elisabetta Montaldo as costume designer and Francesco Frigeri as scenic designer. This show alternates live scenic actions and storytelling through images, comparing theatre and cinema in one great story starring the very same Kusturica (as Zeus), Giancarlo Giannini, Claudio Santamaria, Caterina Murino, Giorgio Colangeli, Christo Jivkov, Giovanni Capalbo, Greta Bellusci, featuring Sabrina Impacciatore and the young Zeno Atzori in his first screen appearance.